Hip-Hop artist A.I. The Anomaly, just dropped her latest single, “Preach,” from her upcoming album. A.I. wrote “Preach” because she wanted to showcase, through hip-hop music, her heart on the matter of how you manage what you say and what you do with what you’ve learned.

When it comes to any platform, people have the power and ability to put out what matters to them. From there, she feels you should stack it, whether it’s money, facts, experiences, thoughts, etc, and then give it back. How it looks will be different for everyone, but we get to choose how we handle our gifts and our skills. She chooses to move the way she does for the benefit of the culture and community. Others may feel like they are doing the same thing, but many people in mainstream hip-hop and even in CHH can be doing things that are detrimental to the culture and they sometimes speak and talk about it in the name of empowerment or ‘I’m speaking my truth’. This is her opportunity to paint freely her thoughts and views about what we do with what we have.

Watch A.I. the Anomaly Below: