Rapper, photographer, teacher, and artist A.I. the Anomaly of God Over Money is using her talents to empower her community with Get Fokus’d Productions.

She spoke a bit about everything she is involved within her community of Buffalo, New York. It is there where she uses photography, film, poetry, creative writing, art, and more to teach and equip those looking to be more.

Capture, teach, and give back is the motto of her production company, and she does just that. A.I. is investing in the next generation of creators. In her own music career and photography, she even takes a portion of her earnings and gives it back to those on the come up.

“I need them to get all that I have so they can go on and be great,” she said.

In 2020, she took to Zoom to keep the movement going. It was there that she mentored and taught sessions online to stay the curse.

During the protests and unrest surrounding the death of George Floyd, A.I. encouraged youth and others to “protest using art” whether it be creative writing, photography, or poetry. One of her poetry classes even set out to create a book with all of the emotionally charged poems that were written.

Art is important and something that we turned to during this tough year. When we all needed a laugh, a dance, some joy, or to just get our mind off of something, we turned to some form of entertainment/art form.

Watch A.I. the Anomaly Below (38:06 mark):

Inspired by this magic of photography and its ability to stop time, Aitina started Get Fokus’d Productions, providing project-based storytelling through photography & film as well as digital media workshops for youth and young adults in various schools, programs, and organizations.

What makes Get Fokus’d Productions unique is that part of the mission is to hire teens between the age of 14-17 as apprentices/interns with every contract earned. Also, when a client invests in photography, film, digital media workshop services, an investment is made into our Young & Fokus’d movement where we find youth who are dedicated and driven to achieve their goals.

Links for A.I. the ANomaly and Get Fokus’d Productions here.