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4 Christian Rap Artists You May Not Have Heard Yet (Luc’s Picks – December)

I’ll be honest, by the time I get to December I’m usually listening to Christmas music every day. However, I’ve been surprised of the amount of quality new Christian Rap music that has continued to drop this late in the year, so I still have some new artists to share.

This was a terrific year for music, and I’m delighted when I think of all the artists I’ve heard in 2020. Here are a few more to add to your playlists —


Really clean production and captivating performances on every track. Namely, BRLY.’s album Ophir blew me away. It’s a must-play project, with something for everyone – melodies, flows, and tasty beats. His confidence oozes from the mic. Check him out on Spotify, but while you’re here, bump this:


This Toronto emcee rolls with heavy lyrics and equally heavy beats. I appreciate how he can really dig in when he spits. His hooks are like a break from the lyrical assault he’s busting out. Here’s his Spotify page, but check this first:

Xoul City

I happened upon the collective Xoul City earlier this year, but their project Est. TwentySeventeen is one I keep returning to. It’s really raw, sounding like a freestyle mixtape which makes the listening experience incredibly entertaining. Here’s their Spotify, and this:


Ceej is extremely slept on. Out of South Carolina, his album Heavy was one of my favorites of 2018, and he’s leveled up with his newest release this year. There’s a lot of transparency evident in his bars, and some soulful sounds to what he’s bringing. I think he’s really dope, and Good Morning Melanie is one of my favorite albums of the year. Here’s the Spotify, and peep this video:

So which of these Christian Rap artists are you listening to for the first time?

Luc DiMarzio

Written by Luc DiMarzio

Luc has been a fan of CHH for 30 years, and has been writing about it for just over 4 years. He has a huge passion for amplifying the underground of CHH.

When he's not bumpin hip-hop, you can catch him leading worship at his local church, rooting on the Chicago Cubs with his wife, or swimming with his kids.

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