Earlier this week JustHis League members Cutright and Ike Hill made their musical debuts on All Elite Wrestling’s show AEW Dark. AEW has been active for over a year but has become one of the most talked-about promotions in the sport of professional wrestling. It’s currently going head to head with the WWE on network television on a weekly basis…something that hasn’t occurred since WCW closed down in 2001.

Here’s what Cutright told us about this big opportunity:

How’d the opportunity come about?

Me and my bro E. Quipped had just finished our AEW record “Wrath of Khan” this past February and reached out to their Music Director Mikey Ruckus on Twitter just to share our adoration for their product. Surprisingly Mikey responded to the message, telling us how much he loved the song and that they could potentially use it for something in the future. I was super grateful because I never expected him to contact us back.

A month or so later COVID hit and a lot of their roster was international so they ended up using local wrestlers from the GA and FL area. He hit me back around then asking me to send him some music that they could potentially use for some of their wrestler entrances.

What wrestlers/shows used it?

The wrestler that used our theme goes by the name Baron Black who debuted with the company back in April. He has yet to sign a contract with AEW, but he is one of the most talented upcoming prospects on the AEW Dark broadcast. We reached out and thanked him for choosing our music to walk out to, as the right entrance music can make an icon out of a wrestler. Anytime you hear shattered glass you think of Stone Cold Steve Austin you know? So it’s super dope that he chose us. One thing that I dig about his character, especially as a comic book fan, is how he comes out and does the Wakanda salute at the top of the ramp whenever he enters. Rest In Peace Chadwick.

(17:21 Mark)

What’s the message of the song?

“Jumpin” is from me and Ike Hill’s Freshman Year EP and we use to kick off our shows during the Realize Anything’s Possible school tour. The record is full of energy and it serves as a declaration of sorts, letting whoever’s listening know that from the moment we walk through the door your expectations will be blown away!

Do you know what the reception’s been like?

From what we seen so far people think that it slaps and have been asking where they can find it. We just found out that he’s actually been using it for a few weeks now, WHICH IS SUPER DOOOPE, and they just told us about it the day of this broadcast.

What does this mean to you and Ike?

I know for me it’s still setting in. I’ve been watching wrestling since forever. When I was younger and my father was alive, me and my little brother would spend our Saturdays watching WWF Main Event with him and then Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling right after that. Even when people started hating on wrestling and called it corny in the late ’90s, I still loved it. From the classic federations like WCW, WWF, and ECW to ROH, NJPW, IMPACT, and AEW, I’m a fan of it all. So for somebody like me hearing my music blasting over the speakers of an arena in one of the biggest promotions in the world? It’s a dream come true. We go on tour and tell young people nationwide that anything is possible if you work hard and stay dedicated. This is proof.

Do you know if they’ll be coming to you guys in the future for more?

We have a solid relationship with them. I’ve submitted a few songs and we will more than likely be looking to whip up some more Wrestling Flows. Shout out to my bro Josiah Williams too holding it down on NXT!