A few weeks ago, one of the biggest stories in CHH was Dillon Chase having his opportunity to perform for the Dove Awards. But instead of celebration, it turned into a sour experience when his entire rap verse on the song “Symphony” by worship group Switch, was cut out from the Dove’s telecast. Not only that, but he wasn’t even mentioned.

He joined us on IG a few weeks ago to explain the situation and then joined us again on Monday November 16th on the Community During Chaos show and then gave an update.

The song has been one of the greatest successes of Chase’s long career in the space. His excitement at being flown out to the Dove Awards to do a pretaped performance with the group with several takes was something to look forward to. That is why it was just another case of CHH being snubbed at the Doves. Chase received no explanation or heads up of the cut.

After a sea of angry tweets and probably emails to the GMA’s, the Dove’s reached out to Dillon to explain what happened.

Apparently, his audio file[s] were corrupted or highly distorted in a way that his performance was rendered unusable for the final video. There was nothing that they could salvage that would have made sense for the song.

Dillon joked that maybe he was “cupping” the mic too close to his mouth.

Something else Chase spoke about was him starting to realize the end of his hip-hop career is around the corner. He’s taken great joy during COVID in investing his time into up and coming artists, his community, church, and more. For him, he’s preparing for what’s next for he and his family.

Watch the Dillon Chase Interview Below (Goes on after Fern):


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