Christian rap artist David Nemetz drops new single “New Way” featuring Atrade, with production done by Atrade. This is the second single off his soon to come album.

Both David Nemetz and Atrade recently graduated high school and are headed onto their next stage in life. Throughout this guitar-driven beat, David Nemetz and Atrade discuss this topic of new beginnings. Anyone who is starting on a new path or journey can relate to the message of this song.

On a deeper level, “New Way” is also about how Christians are set on a ‘New Way’ when they decide to follow Christ. As unbelievers, we were walking on the path that led to destruction, but now as Christians, God has placed us on the path that leads to life. The song highlights that this ‘New Way’ is better than the old way and that we can praise God for both the past and the new life He has given us.

Listen to David Nemetz Below: