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Unsung Heroes of Christian Hip Hop: Iggy

Unsung Heroes of Christian Hip Hop: Iggy

We’re back with the fourth edition of “Unsung Heroes of CHH,” an article series that highlights the hard work of those in the Christian Rap scene that don’t get the recognition they receive. This installment features Iggy.

Iggy (also known as Iggy Music) is a producer and beatmaker hailing from San Antonio, Texas. He has produced for Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, nobigdyl., WHATUPRG, and many other big names in Christian hip hop. He made his CHH debut with Tedashii’s January 2018 single “Splash,” which featured 1K Phew. He co-produced one of KB’s biggest hits in “No Chains” with A.G. and Cardec Drums, as well as solely producing “Die Rich” in late 2018. 

In 2019, Iggy’s production was featured on three tracks from Reach Record’s summer playlist Summer Nineteen, Andy Mineo’s 2019 track “Keepin It Movin,” which has garnered over 11.5 million streams on Spotify alone, and nobigdyl.’s “EMCEE HAMMER.” With only one release in 2020 with Aaron Cole’s track “Water 4 Me,” Iggy is on the verge of becoming one of the top producers in CHH.

How have you enjoyed working with some of the best in the CHH space?

It’s been encouraging and challenging at the same time. It still blows my mind to see some of these artists perform the songs I’ve produced in a live setting. I feel that it’s one of the more rewarding parts of music production. Getting to hear your beat playing in different venues and seeing the energy from the crowd, it’s a crazy feeling!

I would say that it has also been surreal working with some of my heroes and people that have inspired me, not only in the creative aspect but also in my personal life. That just hits differently.

KB’s “No Chains” seems to be the biggest hit you’ve worked on, how did that track come about?

It was around the time I had just started working with Wes the Writer, who was working with various CHH artists at that moment. We were just creating reference tracks with hooks. I remember I got a loop from a sample pack and used that as the foundation. I then started to build the beat around that sound, and in about 30 minutes later sent it over to Wes. It was probably about an hour later when Wes sent it back with a hook and some reference mumbles. That same day Wes sent it to KB and the rest is history.

It’s amazing to not just see how much success that track has had, but also the impact it continues to have on people’s lives.

You were also on three songs on the Summer 2019 playlist, what was that experience like?

It was a fun experience working with all those artists for the first time. From Lecrae, to RG, to Wande, and on top of that getting to hear GAWVI drop a verse on a beat I produced! INSANE! Shoutout to the whole Reach Records family! They’ve been nothing but welcoming!

What is your favorite song you’ve worked on so far?

I would say that “Keepin’ It Movin” by Andy Mineo is probably my favorite song to have worked on so far because of the significance it has to me. I remember when Andy dropped his sophomore album Uncomfortable in 2015, I went to Best Buy and bought the physical copy. I played that in our car in the parking lot, and I told my wife that I would be producing a song for one of Andy’s albums. She looked at me crazy because I was nowhere near where I am today. Fast forward to 2019, it’s the first song I produced for Andy, became the first single off the Work In Progress mixtape/podcast, and in 2020 it’s nominated for a GMA Dove Award. 

It’s about God really coming through when you give him your desires and on top of that seeing the fruit of your hard work and dedication. 

What would you tell a producer who’s trying to get their name out in CHH?

Show up to concerts and try to meet the artists. DM your favorite artists, you never know who will respond. Network, invest and then network some more.

Check out a playlist with all of Iggy contributions to CHH:

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