NF and his album The Search got even more of a boost and victory when this week, Monday Night RAW, WWE’s flagship show, came on the air with the title track playing.

This is a huge look for NF as it puts ears and eyeballs on his music with one of the largest sports companies in the world. Ironically, “The Search” follows a year and a half run of the song “Legendary” by Christian rock band Skillet.

The WWE has shown a penchant for using Christian artists in their themes, pay-per-views, and entrances. In the past, they’ve used TobyMac songs, the aforementioned Skillet, P.O.D., 12 Stones, and others to name a few.  Superstar AJ Styles very famously loves CHH and while with rival company TNA, used a GRITS song as his ring music.

In addition, Christian rap artist Josiah Williams is an on-air talent for the show.

Watch NF on the Intro Below: