Ruslan and John Givez

Ruslan Recounts Mistakes He’s Made Over the Years; Gives John Givez His Half of Song Masters

Ruslan became the subject of a “nameless” post by John Givez on Instagram. The post was about things that happened between the former group/labelmates that got marred by friendship and business. As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story and sometimes complicated manners are more complicated when emotions and relationships are involved.


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STORY TIME. In 2011, a year after high school I was fighting a drug case for possession with intent to sale & burglary. I ended up paying for a solid lawyer & getting a years probation. I knew I had too much potential to b wasting life in & out of jail so I got wit this positive Hiphop group called theBREAX & we became tha dream junkies. It was cool at first because I was around dudes that would encourage me to stay out of that life and make music. Fast forward a few years and we touring all over America. Shit is goin great. it was “family business” so I thought. Then things took a turn when tha spotlight came on me & major labels started reaching out. I noticed what I thought was “family business” was in fact JUST business. soon as tha money came I was taken advantage of by a dude that shall remain nameless. He basically put me in a position where I felt like he was trynna prostitute me & my artistry. Me being me, I couldn’t go for that. So boom, now I’m signed to a major label but still stuck in a contract with his entertainment company. His terms were he keeps my masters from tha soul rebel and four seasons albums and he’ll let me out of my contract. Bullshit, I know. After going through that I was really cool off rapping. Mainly cuz I didn’t wanna come across bitter in my music. I started making more r&b music to try and get over tha misfortune I felt “positive” rap brought me. Meanwhile tha major label is waiting for me to rap my ass off cuz they knew I could. In my rebellious ways I couldn’t oblige. My A&R & I would go bac & forth about it for pretty much tha duration of my time there. He would say you have rap fans so RAP. I just couldn’t get with it out of fear of being taken advantage of again. But you know what they say.. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. So fast forward to today and I wanna give clarity to those of you who found me cuz of my raps & were disappointed when I stopped really giving u rap material. I also wanna thank those who stayed down thru my journey. I’m bac rapping & im having fun with it! I’m working on a rap album. Uncensored & fully me at this point in time. Stay tuned… I hope this don’t go over y’all heads ???

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Ruslan took to YouTube to go through the years of documents and records he’s had concerning the accusations against him. He was quick to admit his faults and mistakes he made as a young entrepreneur and explained how he could rectify things. He didn’t blame Givez for any that he felt either. It’s all love from Ruslan.

Much of the frustration over “Ruslan owning the masters” of John Givez was backed up in documents and also recorded as a 50/50 split according to Distrokid. From what the Kings Dream Ent founder displayed on the screen, everything appeared fair according to what was stated. Miscommunication and perhaps ignorance to access these funds was the likely scenario provided by Ruslan.

At the end, the rapper even switched over the splits to 100% on Distrokid, leaving Givez with 100% ownership of his masters from here on out. Givez has not yet posted anything in response, but hopefully, this will be a great example of reconciliation and two brothers coming back together.

Watch Ruslan Below:

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