By now, we hope you don’t think of Rhyan LaMarr as just a filmmaker, because this guy “rap raps” too! His latest single “Know Your Name” is out now and it features Bri Smilez, KC Wavey, & Jack Red. Also, of course, he had to drop a cinematic video too!

Based on Matthew 7:21-23, “Know Your Name” addresses one of the most important things in life, which is to know who you are, and whose you are in your lifetime.

Most people walk through life not knowing their purpose, nor their reason for existence. What’s worse are those who don’t know God is the cause of their presence on the earth. Living life under the pretense of a false existence or one made up for the purpose of fame and recognition is a waste since true fulfillment is knowing the God that grants you oxygen to live on the earth. We didn’t just evolve contrary to human thoughts and prognosis. We must know the name by which we were called. It would be a sorry day to close our eyes after living and not know who we were, and what we were designed to live for. It would be a sorry day to wake up in the wrong eternity after death, and not know the name we were called to live under – Christ. So many of us would use the name Christ to achieve our celebrity and rock star status and fail to know the name we were designed to celebrate when we were given the privilege to be born and walk on stages. We need to know the name we are called to so that when we go to sleep, we will hear the “well done” voice when He calls our name. Know the ONE that made you, so that you can “know your name” when He calls at the end of life.

Watch Rhyan LaMarr Below: