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Album Drops

Two highly anticipated album drops occurred on Friday, Reconcile’s Streets Don’t Love You 3 and Stephen the Levite’s project produced by the late DJ Official, Still Hungry. Check them out on Rapzilla.com.

Pen Game 101

We dropped episode 2 of Pen Game 101 featuring Dee-1 and Murs as they spoke about He’s the Christian, I’m the Rapper. It was one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever done. So make sure you check out the hilarity.


Our reporter Ed Boice had the opportunity to interview the people over at OnWatch who created a training to identify victims of sex-trafficking. Ed did an interview with the creators who also founded SafeHouse, which creates safe spaces for victims of sex trafficking or those at risk of it, to go. Did you know Sex Trafficking has gone up 40% since COVID started? Check out that story on Rapzilla.


I just did the 20th episode of Community During Chaos, that’s 60 people I’ve spoken to, We had Trisha Bell, Stephen the Levite, and Jered Sanders on the episode. Go check it out on Instagram now.


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We continue our weekly discussions with @jeredsanders @dawhistleblower and @teabells. Hosted by @justinsarachik

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