A few weeks ago, KB was a guest on Rapzilla’s new show, Pen Game 101, where he spoke about his new album His Glory Alone. During the Q & A portion, who spoke about something he hasn’t really talked about before, as addressed on “The Name.”

The line reads, “I’m a rapper when the doctor said that I wouldn’t talk.”

We asked him the story behind that line and here’s what he said, “When I was born, the doctors told my mother that I would always have a hard time talking. I would have a speech impediment for the rest of my life.”

He continued, “My mom rejected it from day one and I’ve had several moments like that regarding my mouth where things were supposed to be off…my mom prayed and the Lord healed me.”

The irony of what he does now and where he was isn’t lost on him.

“I’m not supposed to be able to talk clearly at all, and I’m a rapper.”

Watch KB Below (1 Hour Mark):