The growth that the urban Christian music scene in Nigeria has witnessed in the past few years has been a delightful one to watch, one for the books and will be in the records for a long time. From chart-topping projects to well-organized shows like that of secular events, the new school music is building an army for itself. 

One individual that has been instrumental to the growth of this is Akinade Ibuoye, also known as Gaise Baba who gained more recognition in the music scene in 2012 with his hit single “Awa O Tush Oh.” The song became an anthem in churches and Christian youth groups in Lagos and other parts of Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. 

Gaise Baba has gone against all odds to make Christian music heard and created an avenue for Christian creatives to showcase their talents. Not only has he shown the interest to take more urban music to the church, but he has also created a movement to help take the Gospel to secondary schools in different parts of Lagos, Nigeria. The show which he tagged ‘Light Out’ kicked off in 2017 in Kings College in Lagos and since then he has held a total of 14 editions across various schools in the state. 

This innovation has not only helped secondary schools’ students/teenagers familiar with Christian music but has also served as means of preaching the gospel of Christ to many of them who have later given testimonies of how the show has impacted them.


In a country where there’s a low number of shows and tours from Christian artists due to finance and other issues, Gaise Baba has changed the game by organizing one of the biggest Christian urban music festivals in Lagos which he launched with its first edition in 2019 and a second edition which took place in March 2020.

Aramanda Festival has become the coolest place for Christians and also urban Christian artists with over 3000 persons in attendance. The narrative has changed with the success of this show as its audience increases after each edition.

Logo (TheEP)

The release of his project Logo (The EP) is the latest news about independent artist and entrepreneur Gaise Baba. The 5 track EP with banging songs brings in different kinds of sounds from Afrobeats, Drill, Soul etc. 

Gaise Baba shows he’s exceptional on this project, if he A&R’d this EP all by himself then kudos to him. The beat selection featured artists is top-notch and rightly done.  Like Gaise Baba said; each song is distinct in tone and style, they are all originals and circle back to one consistent theme – our identity in Christ. 

The original track “Logo” which is the first on the EP was produced by musician/producer Password and released in 2019. “Jesu Ni Logo” features the Afro gospel boys Gil Joe and Marizu who both brought more heat on the track. The two artists add more flavor on the track, giving it a new feel.

“Mandem Logo” with UK based Nigerian rapper Still Shadey is this writer’s favorite, the track is refreshing and different in all forms. As said earlier, Gaise Baba made a good choice with the artist selection, he also outdid himself on the song, not every artist can kill a drill beat as he did on this one.

“Fly the Logo” – When you are in Christ and successful, it is then important to “Fly the Logo” of Christ so high, the main source of everything you have. Gaise Baba recruits Limoblaze who introduces a cool vibe, Ghanaian rapper Joekay who goes in hard with bars after which Nolly turns it up with more rhythmic flows.

“Logo Reimagined,” the final track on the track EP is a live version that was uniquely delivered. I can’t wait to listen to it performed live, there was no stress on this song. The track re-affirms that Gaise Baba is not just a recording artist but a performing artist too. In fact, the video for “Logo Reimagined” says it all. 

Listen to Logo (The EP) here.