“Don’t Wanna Die” by Edify & DreBeeze Da Godson is a melodic and heartfelt vibe. Edify’s production, lyrics, and vocals pull on the listeners’ heartstrings creating an emotional soundscape. DreBeeze Da Godson adds his golden voice and wavy flows creating a masterful ode to mental health.

“Don’t Wanna Die is a song about the struggle with mental illness and the battle many face. Mental health is something I’ve dealt with for the past five years of my life. It’s an obstacle that has thrown me into the dirt and one that I’ve learned how to balance. The truth is there is a way out and life is worth living. If it wasn’t for my relationship with Jesus and the people around me I don’t know where I’d be today. Even when you don’t have the will to live keep fighting and searching for a way out there is light at the end of the tunnel,” said Edify.

Listen to Edify Below: