DaeShawn Forrest released his latest song, “Naive,” which serves as the second single to his upcoming album Transparent. It is set to be released on the 23rd. After receiving much praise regarding the song, DaeShawn goes on to co-direct the official music video which visually depicts the story of rebellion that DaeShawn talks about in his song.

“We’ve all been there at some point. I’m just glad God gave me the mindset to learn and grow from that phase. And I wouldn’t have been able to mature from that if it wasn’t for God and my family,” states DaeShawn as he reflects back on that time in his life. While discussing the creation of the video, DaeShawn states that “Since my family was the main factor in helping me grow, it made total sense to have them in the video.”

“Naive,” produced by DaeShawn himself, is available now on all platforms.

Watch DaeShawn Forrest Below: