Reach Records dropped their new 116 album Sin Vergüenza which features some of the most talented Hispanic artists in Christian rap. Sprinkled in are appearances from Lecrae, Tedashii, 1K Phew, and Derek Minor.

Cardec drums served as the primary producer and driving point of this project.

The tweet below was the first major announcement of the project.

Sin Vergüenza Tracklist:

1. Dónde Están (Watcho6) ft. Cardec Drums, Manny Montes, DJ Mykael V, Wxlf, Aklesso, Yavier Luisan, Tedashii, Ada Betsabé
2. Rompe Bocina ft. Cardec Drums, Tommy Royale, Social Club Misfits
3. Como Yo ft. Niko Eme
4. Ella ft. Wande, Lizzy Parra
5. La Fiesta ft. Lecrae, Funky
6. Buso ft. Tommy Royale, Angie Rose, Cardec Drums, Townix
7. Bomba ft. Práctiko, Derek Minor, Cardec Drums
8. Voy a Amarte ft. Iván Rodríguez, Byron Juane, Cardec Drums
9. Como Fue ft. Don Ryvcko, Cardec Drums
10. Mejor ft. Cardec Drums, Antonio Redes
11. Celebramos ft. 1K Phew, Niko Eme
12. Ambiente ft. Tommy Royale, WHATUPRG

Listen to Sin Vergüenza Below:

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