A couple of months ago, we asked the Rapzilla community what was one Christian rap song that made you cry? These are the top answers after analyzing the responses on Twitter and Instagram (not necessarily in order).

“Shame ft. Josh Garrels” by: Andy Mineo

“Death Has Died” by: Andy Mineo

“Sweet Victory” by: Trip Lee

“Chase” by: Tedashii

“How Could You Leave Us” by: NF

“Therapy Session” by: NF

“I’ll Find You” by: Lecrae

“Just Like You” by: Lecrae

“Cry For You” by: Lecrae

“Praying For You” by: Lecrae

“Background” by: Lecrae

After a listen through I would agree whole-heartedly with these responses. I would personally add “Drowning” by KB (especially after watching the music video, sheesh!) and I was surprised out of all the comments I read I didn’t see “Misfit Anthem” by Social Club Misfits. Also, aside from “Background,” all of Lecrae’s songs on this list have a subtle trend…