We’ve been asking our readership questions lately. The one we’re looking at today is top Christian Rap albums from our space that have impacted you. After filtering through both Twitter and Facebook responses – the count is in! Check out the most listed results below!

10. The Good Life by Trip Lee

9. W.L.A.K. by W.L.A.K.

8. 20/20 by Trip Lee

7. After the Music Stops by Lecrae

6. All Things Work Together by Lecrae

5. Rehab by Lecrae / Uncomfortable by Andy Mineo (Tie)

4. Anomaly by Lecrae / Rise by Trip Lee (Tie)

3. Gravity by Lecrae

2. Today We Rebel by KB

1. Rebel by Lecrae

Honorable mentions:

The Narrative by Sho Baraka

Moment of Truth by Da’ T.R.U.T.H

Christology by The Ambassador

In conclusion, there are powerful albums on this list and there were so many more mentioned that are not listed here. Many responses were accompanied by reasons the album was chosen. It should be an encouragement to all artists in our community that these works and others were described as having helped readers through rough times, aided them in their faith, and even helped lead them to the Gospel. It’s edification through art to be able to impact a stranger’s faith in Christ.

What do you think? See an album that has sat with you through the years? Like this post? Read another post that highlights your picks of songs in our space that made you cry!