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Top 10 UK Christian Rap Songs (September 2020)

This is Ben Larcombe, founder of MXRCY and curator of the Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify. It’s a new month (check out August’s list if you haven’t already) and that means I’m back with another list of the freshest UK Christian Rap songs for you to enjoy.

We’ve got loads of big names, including; Still Shadey, Triple O, Dee Witness and Presha J. But don’t sleep on the newcomers! You’ll discover two very strong debut releases from Rap Tist and L Boogie (the newest member of Goons 4 God) too.

1. Still Shadey – Heaven

This track only dropped today. I actually delayed writing this article just so that I could include it. “Heaven” has everything! A clear Christian message. A super catchy hook and chorus. And Shadey’s raps always hit the target. It’s the perfect feel-good, end of summer banger.

If you like “Heaven” you should also check out “Focus” and “Excuse Me.”

2. Zelijah – Splash It

Gospel driller Zelijah (aka Zelijah Tishbite) dropped a three-track EP called Olive Oil and Gloves in August. The biggest track from the project is “Splash It.” It’s not currently on YouTube but you can listen to the project on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. And you should!


If you like “Splash It” you should also check out “April Showers” and “Banner.”

3. Triple O – Audacious

Triple O is back with “Audacious,” a brand new Christian Rap banger over a drill-style beat. Oluwatobi Oluwatobi-Oyefeso has been making Christian music for over a decade! His lyrics are always faithful and his overall production and professionalism are spot on. You won’t be disappointed.

If you like “Audacious” you should also check out “Lightwork” and “Started Again.”

4. Dee Witness – One Day

Unfortunately, this is another track that isn’t yet on YouTube. But have a search on Spotify (or your favorite streaming platform) for “One Day” by Dee Witness. Dee consistently puts out raw and unfiltered rap where he shares his faith in Jesus and his testimony of putting his trust in him alone.

dee witness one day

If you like “One Day” you should also check out “Home in Me” and “But Still.”

5. Presha J – Conversations

One week ago, UK Christian Rap legend Presha J dropped his latest EP Concrete Jungle, Vol.1. It’s a five-track project and the name suggests more music is on the way. The lead single “Conversations” was featured on Link Up TV’s YouTube channel. The video is sick and the final verse is fire!

If you like “Conversations” you should check out Presha’s new EP  Concrete Jungle, Vol.1.

6. Rap Tist – No Returning

“Somebody just left the trap. Everyone clap. No returning.” Rap Tist’s debut track “No Returning” came out in May (so it isn’t strictly a new release), but the video only dropped a couple of weeks ago and has been attracting a lot of attention on Instagram. Rap Tist is definitely one to watch!

If you like “No Returning” you should also check out “King Jesus” and “Trinity (Freestyle).”

7. Oz or O – Bible On Me

Oz or O is one of my favorite UK Christian rappers. He’s extremely versatile in his style, he proclaims the gospel message clearly, and he has a confidence that makes it all seem effortless. Even my wife likes his music! “Bible On Me” has more of a chilled drill vibe that reminds me of the secular rapper SL.

If you like “Bible On Me” you should also check out “By The Grace” and “Repay You.”

8. Sams 4 Christ – Heavenly Thoughts

Sams 4 Christ really stands out from a lot of the other UK Christian rappers. He’s cleared inspired by a number of US trap and lofi artists. But he has his own unique sound, making quite chilled out and alternative-sounding Christian music. Definitely give “Heavenly Thoughts” a listen if you’re interested in finding out more.

If you like “Heavenly Thoughts” you should also check out “I Want Paradise” and “Wait.”

9. L Boogie – Contagious

Goons 4 God have a new member and L Boogie’s debut release “Contagious” is a home run! I don’t know much about L Boogie, but it sounds like Jesus Christ has caused a great transformation in his life. And he clearly knows what he’s doing on a drill beat! Gospel drill is here to stay and the UK is leading the movement.

If you like “Contagious” you should check out Goons 4 God on YouTube or Soundcloud.

10. Burgz – Balls In Your Court

ANB (Aaron, Nartz and Burgz) dropped “Emancipation” in May – but I only discovered it a few weeks ago. My favorite track from the project is “Balls in Your Court.” It turns out that’s a solo track by Burgz. The same Burgz who put out “The Beautiful Struggle,” one of the early UK Christian Rap albums, back in 2011.

If you like “Balls in Your Court” you should check out the rest of ANB’s album “Emancipation.”

You can listen to the finest in UK Christian Rap, Gospel Grime & Gospel Drill inside MXRCY’s Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify!


Written by Ben Larcombe

Ben is a guest contributor to and owner of MXRCY - a hub for Christian Rap in the UK. He curates the Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify and is a big supporter of up-and-coming UKCHH artists. When he's not listening to UK Christian Rap, Ben is probably coaching table tennis or running one of his many table tennis businesses.

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