Considering all the odds there are to face in life it can be tough to find hope in a future. Defeat is written on the faces of many Americans as we seem to dive deeper in these dark times. With political chaos, race issues, and a pandemic it’s easy to see the need for hope. The One Keon & Mike Teezy are not well acquainted with the struggle of today’s society but have managed to maintain peace and joy through it all. They give all the credit to God.

Their new song “Amazing Grace” largely boasts of the fact that it is God who has sustained them. According to the duo, each day should be seen as a gift of grace from God and instead of being consumed with fear, we should make our fears fear God. Explore the reality of The One Keon & Mike Teezy as they uncover some of the obstacles they face and how God has continued to protect them through it all.

Watch The One Keon Below: