Here at Rapzilla, we get a lot of press requests. There are tons of artists, producers, etc. that hit up the team and ask for a feature story, a song post, among other things. Usually, they are all pretty similar. But every once in awhile, Rapzilla comes across a story that truly is unique. One such story is the story of Jarom Su’a.

Jarom Su’a is an up-and-coming music producer. With resume additions such as a K. Cartel and L. De Juan co-sign plus training from Timbaland’s BeatClub, Jarom is making strides in music – and he can’t even drive a car yet. I got the opportunity to interview Jarom about his life in music. I’ll just let him speak for himself.

Tell me a little bit about yourself – name, age, where you’re from, grade in school.

My name is Jarom Su’a, I’m 14-years-old and I’m part Samoan/Mexican & Argentine/Italian! I live in Sunny Florida and I’m in 9th grade,  just starting my first year of high school!

When did you start doing music production? What started your interest in music production? 

Ever since I was little I have always loved music, but it wasn’t until I was 10-years-old when I was in the car listening to a song by Timbaland, and I was fascinated by the beat! I started doing some research on who Timbaland was and I found out he is an amazing Producer/Rapper and because of him, I wanted to make beats. My parents encouraged my passion!

I first started making beats on GarageBand then later moved on to Fl Studio to expand my sounds. I was also learning from Timbaland’s MasterClass and from other producers as well! About three years later I was in California because my sister booked the movie ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ where she played Dwayne Johnson’s daughter in the movie, and we were on the red carpet. While we were there I just happened to see Timbaland. I walked over to him and introduced myself and he followed me on Instagram, and he has continually helped me with opportunities in music! I have kept producing music for four years and I absolutely love it! Thanks to Timbaland and Gary Marella I’m now on Timbaland’s BeatClub! It’s a team with all the top producers in the world!

Do you think you have a music style when it comes to production, or do you vary in your creation? 

When it comes to my music I try to be unique. I want to expand my genres and styles the most I can! I make all sorts of styles of music from Trap and R&B to Pop and Reggaeton!

Who have you gotten to work with so far on music? Is there anyone else on the horizon asking to work?

I have produced songs with Big Breeze, Nu Tone, L. de Juan, K. Cartel, Kaydence, and Nic D. I also have the opportunity to get my music to major artists thanks to Timbaland. Angel Lopez, Federico Vindver, and Kaydence are wanting to work and collaborate, and for that, I’m so grateful.

Who are some of your all-time favorite artists? What would be your dream music collaboration (as in, who would be your dream artist to produce for?)

I have a lot of favorite artists from all types of genres, but when I’m making my music I like to have an artist in mind so I can send it for placement. Some artists that inspire me are PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, Giveon, H.E.R, Summer Walker, Roddy Ricch, Daniel Caesar, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Gunna, Lil Keed, Pink Sweats, and Bryson Tiller to name a few!

What’s some advice you would give to other kids your age and younger who want to get started in music production?

If you really want to do music production, just do it! Producing is a marathon, not a sprint and if you truly have a passion for it, any obstacles that you might have will be overpowered by the passion and love of making music!  If you want to get better just continue to learn and keep producing!

I couldn’t have said any of it better myself. Huge thanks to Jarom for letting us share his story.

Check out some of Jarom’s work using the links here below:



Listen to “Grateful” By Kaydence produced by Jarom.