1985 was a very different world than it is today. Hip-Hop in general was only about 10-years-old. The early 80s saw Christians begin experimenting with Bible infused raps. But one MAN was there to drop the first “album” and on a distributed label – Stephen Wiley.

He dropped his two-sided cassette and vinyl of Bible Break which only had the title track and an instrumental so you could rap it too. It’s not an album in the traditional sense since it was one song, but it was considered an album at the time.

It was released on Brentwood Music and kicked started Christian rap that would see him be the Godfather of the movement for the next seven or eight years alongside Michael Peace who came a year or two later.

CHH would then explode as DC Talk with TobyMac made it cool in the CCM community. However, if it wasn’t for Wiley, who knows how long it would have taken to start.

Watch Stephen Wiley below:

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