Christian Rap Veteran Omega Sparx Gains an Extra Life with Video Game Raps

A rapper’s career can sometimes mirror the arcade edition of Street Fighter 2. Many spend their time in the game fighting their way across the map, using hip hop music as their Hadouken as they face the opposition. However, many artists have struggled to defeat the new challengers that arose as the sound and the genre reached new levels. In order for an artist to survive, one would need to provide the change needed to press continue when the countdown on their popularity begins…and this is exactly what CHH veteran Omega Sparx has done.

This juggernaut of an emcee had been rocking shows and rapping for Christ since he was a teenager. He did this by using his dynamic delivery and powerful rapid-fire flow to encourage and empower listeners across the globe since the early part of the century. After releasing his debut album Sleeping Giants back in 2011, Omega felt the Lord leading him to change the trajectory of his ministry and engage a whole new culture with his sound – the video gaming community.

Sparx has always had a deep love for nerd culture and video game culture and believes God wants us as believers in all different areas affecting change for His glory. After reconnecting with his best friend and college roommate SWATS, the duo GameBreax was formed and a new journey began dropping, Game Breakers Vol. 1 in 2014.

Since then the duo has been leaving its mark on the video game industry. From garnering millions of views through creating the theme songs for the EVO Fighting Tournament and games like Killer Instinct (TJ Combo’s theme) to getting tapped to do the soundtrack for several fantasy brawls like Thanos vs Darkseid on YouTube series Death Battle, the pair have begun to make noise in within the Nerdcore culture, showcasing excellence and mastery in their craft. That being the case, it would only be a matter of time before they would cross paths with another legendary CHH video game fan: the Natti’s own K-Drama.

When the fourth incarnation of the popular side-scrolling fighter Streets Of Rage dropped this past April, GameBreax reached out to the super-producer to flip one of the original SOR level themes into a record for their newest project. They invited Drama to jump on as fan-favorite Skates. Once the record hit Al Gore’s Internet, gaming fans worldwide took notice, including the games creator Yuzo Koshiro and parent company Dotemu who officially picked up the song to use in their marketing campaign.

Recently the trio joined forces once again, alongside YT Nerdcore sensations NerdOut, dropping an Avengers theme for the recently released game. It garnered over 130k views in a week and spurred potential talks with the game’s creator Square Enix.

With more music on the way, including creating themes for a WWE video game and highly anticipated Cartoon Network show, the duo of Omega Sparx and SWATS are helping to pave a lane for believers who are passionate about pop culture.

Paul spoke in 1st Corinthians 9: 19-23 about being all things to all men, building a bridge through relationship, and speaking to culture directly. In the same way, rappers like Thi’sl, Reconcile, and Rockstar JT target street culture, artists like JustHis League, Jay Atoms, and GameBreax are set out to make an impact amidst the nerds and blerds with each release.

With their latest release GameBreakers Vol. 3 the duo has enlisted several Christian producers such as K-Drama and OnBeatMusic on the project, them the opportunity to be discovered by a new audience entirely. In following God’s lead and stepping out on faith, Omega Sparx and SWATS have done more than catch their second wind; they’ve blown the cartridge on their careers, creating a new path for those who love God and love gaming. Insert Coin.


Written by Richard Cutright

Richard Cutright is a full-time motivational speaker, part time battle rapper and serves as a member of the CHH Ginyu Force, better known as the JustHis League.

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