Lecrae and Christian Latino artist legend, Funky, are up to something – presumably a song. The pair each posted to their Instagram, a picture of them together. There is also a video of Funky speaking that looks like the set of a music video.

Check the Video Below:

Funky’s IG post: “La cosa se puso buena” Con uno de los grandes [Literalmente] El brother.” This roughly translates to, “Things got good “With one of the greats [Literally] The brother.”

Lecrae’s post says, “Sin Vergüenza. Pronto.” This roughly translate to, “Without Shame. Soon.”

If you remember a few months back, Reach records and Lecrae socialed out that phrase “Sin Vergüenza.” We speculated that it was connected to Tommy Royale and him signing to Reach. Read about it here.