JUSTCALLMEDT released his first single in the last seven months entitled, “BREATHE.”

The song was birthed from a late-night revelation. After a breakthrough year of releases in 2019 amassing over 70,000 combined streams, rather than carrying this momentum over into 2020, JUSTCALLMEDT was instead struck with thoughts of uncertainty, anxiety, and pressure to outdo the success of his previous releases. This led to an unplanned seven-month hiatus that would eventually be met with even more setbacks as a result of quarantine and civil unrest across the country.

During this time, DT was able to make peace with the fact that our journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.

It’s about unlearning everything that contributes to who we’re NOT, so we can be who God meant for us to be in the first place. Sometimes we just need to take a moment to BREATHE, remember who we are, and move forward. This song is a declaration of that sentiment.

Listen to JUSTCALLMEDT Below: