First inspired by early Reach Records artists, S.O., and his local church community, Vancouver rapper Paul Hernandez has been making a name for himself within the past few months. Recently he released his Deeper Things – EP, he has been prepping for the release of his new single “Got Me Crying.” Last week I had the chance to talk with Paul about these things over on IG Live.

You might get more of a Macklemore or Dillon Chase vibe listening to Hernandez. However, it was people like Andy Mineo and rappers at his church that really inspired him to pursue music.

“[My church community] was a very creative community that got me opportunities to be in worship, freestyle, and perform.”

For twelve years he’s been around music and growing his faith in Christ. Hernandez also notes how artists such as Lecrae and S.O. carved out his faith during his time in high school.

Hernandez said that he wants to be as authentic as possible when talking about old and new music. Making songs that can really touch someone’s heart and build a connection with it.

“People need something tangible, real in such a digital world. Music can connect with somebody, not just change their mood but their whole life.”

He wants his music to be able to reach and connect with everyone, not just those of the church. “I also want to make anthems for the world to sing that will hopefully lead them to God.”

His new single, due next Friday, looks at the ten-year relationship with his wife, the good and the bad. That’s definitely a song that will be relatable for a lot of people.

See the rest of the interview where he talks about pushing his sound and ability as an artist, the importance of delivery in music, and does a bit of freestyling!

Watch Paul Hernandez Below: