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Hulvey & Torey D’Shaun

Upon the positive reactions of Hulvey and Torey D’Shaun’s single & music video for “I’m Different,” the pair have recorded enough tracks together to drop a project together. According to Hulvey, they received a lot of inspiration from Outkast, as they appropriately recorded in Atlanta. So stay tuned.

What’s One Christian Rap Song that Made You Cry?

We posted, “What’s One Christian Rap Song that Made You Cry?” on social media and the responses were overflowing. We compiled an article with some of the top responses which included: “How Could You Leave Us” bu NF, “Death has Died” by Andy Mineo, and “I’ll Find You” by Lecrae. Check out the thread on the website.

Music Video Roundup

KB dropped his music video for “Lil Boy” while Social Club Misfits released “Is That Okay?” off the upcoming Feared by Hell. Then Lecrae dropped a music video for “Wheels Up” featuring Marc E. Bassy.

Rapzilla Freshmen

The second Rapzilla Freshmen single dropped, called “Feelin’ Like” featuring J. Crum, A.I. the Anomaly, and Thomas Iannucci. Like all the other songs on the project, it was produced by Arrow.

CDC 15

This week’s Community During Chaos was episode 15. It featured the Crew’s Hip Hop Corner, Dru Bex, and Mogli the Iceburg. The Crew spoke about navigating the waters of gossip and news as it pertains to Christian culture. Dru Bex spoke on his experiences not African American, but as a black Canadian observing America, and Mogli discussed finding his racial identity and handling depression in music.


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