Hulvey is the newest artist on Reach Records but that hasn’t stopped him from being the most productive. He’s come out like a firecracker dropping multiple projects, singles, and music videos, and now he’s pushing even further.

He just announced the “Keep Breathing” name and said the single “OTHERSIDE” will be dropping September 18. But what is “Keep Breathing”? Is it an album, a movement, or something else? The answer – all three!

“Summer 2020 came with social and political unrest in the midst of a global pandemic, making it a time none of us are likely to forget. Hulvey took to the studio channeling his unique ability to respond to emotion through his artistic craft. The result is a cohesive pack of singles set to roll out through Fall of 2020 into 2021, which will deliver fans an encouragement to ‘Keep Breathing’.

“I’m touching on personal adversity and social adversity,” said Hulvey. “I’ve experienced neglect, rejection and I can empathize with people that are feeling that way right now. Ahmaud Arbery was shot in my hometown. The way the Black community is being treated is unfair and I wanted to address both realities in my music.”

Hulvey also has a YouVersion Bible plan on the way but there are no further details on that at the moment. Also, the cover photo of this article is the cover for the “Keep Breathing” package.

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EXHALE. There are so many times I want to exhale the peace of God. But I’ve realized I can’t exhale peace if I’m not INHALING HIM and the life His Spirit gives. From getting cut from the team years ago to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, from navigating a music career with zero promises, from striving to show true love in my relationships with my girlfriend, my family, and friends, I have had many times that I inhaled the wrong air. The air that made me anxious and worried. The air that said I wasn’t good enough. The air that said I’m far from God. And I’m DONE breathing that air. I want to INHALE the Word of God and His Spirit so that I can exhale life to a broken world. Keep Breathing the air that fills your lungs with life and causes you to exhale peace. Don’t breathe in the lies.

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Don’t forget, he’s also got a collab project with Torey D’Shaun coming too!