Affected by some of the poor decisions made in his past, 21-Year-Old Bay Area Native DaeShawn Forrest tells a story about his former hardheaded and rebellious behavior on his new single titled “Naive.”

Scarred by the memories of moments where he knew he could have done better, DaeShawn admits in his song that he, “Couldn’t filter out the wrong voices.” And while looking back on the obvious opportunities he had to make the right decision and decided not to, DaeShawn describes those times as moments where he, “Dropped a touchdown pass wide open.”

“Naive”, produced by DaeShawn Forrest himself, serves as a storytelling follow-up to his previous single “Fold” that was released at the end of August. These two singles are from a brand new project that the new artist plans to release in the very near future.

Listen to DaeShawn Forrest Below: