If you’ve seen the hashtag of #HappyThoughts on the social media of Andy Mineo, well, have those thoughts because that’s the project! Happy Thoughts is the 5-song EP that Mineo will be dropping soon.

“Inspired by a recent to trip to Japan, Andy Mineo is set to initiate a content rollout consisting of new music, and inspiring visuals to encourage his fans in the midst of a tough year to think of “Whatever’s Good”. The new music rollout will culminate in a 5-track EP sharing the title of the content ethos. Fans will be delighted to discover new collaborations from artists such as King Mez. Andy Mineo will also serve fans by delivering book and  fashion recommendations, internet ephemera, and assorted materials positioning his platform as a destination for hip hop fans hungry to feed their imaginations despite trying times.”

The first single is out now “Shibuya Roll Call” featuring Wordsplayed and the music video premiere today sees the pair in Japan in this POV style music video.

Watch Andy Mineo Below: