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Top 10 UK Christian Rap Songs (August 2020)

It’s been a big month for UK rap music! A couple of weeks ago UK drill legend Headie One released a track with the one and only Drake. And then Octavian teamed up with Future on ‘Rari’. It’s fair to say the UK sound is starting to attract a more international fanbase. I’m excited to say that the UK Christian Rap scene is making moves as well.

Melvillous rightfully earned a spot on Reach Records’ Summer Twenty playlist. Guvna B released a new Daily Duppy freestyle on GRM Daily. And Konola passed 70,000 streams on a Soundcloud-only release!

If that’s piqued your interest, here are 10 UK Christian Rap tracks you need to check out this August…

1. Melvillous – Summerhouse

Obviously we have to start with this Melvillous track – named after the infamous housing estate from the Netflix show Top Boy. “Summerhouse” has been getting a lot of love on the socials from big names such as Lecrae and Wande. Melvillous brings that unique UK rap sound to the Summer Twenty playlist with the help of Komenz’ godly and greazy drill beat.

If you like “Summerhouse” you should also check out “Widdit” and “New Legends.”

2. Tee Supreme – Ease & Grace

Tee Supreme is back with another big gospel drill track. “Ease & Grace” features a very catchy “Tunnanah, Tunnanah” hook that is certain to get stuck in your head. Tee is well-known within the UK rap scene and has been making secular music since 2015. In 2019, he gave his life to Christ and has been making gospel music ever since!

If you like “Ease & Grace” you should also check out “Holy Spirit.”

3. Konola – No Designer

Konola dropped his Christian Walk project six weeks ago exclusively on SoundCloud. It’s got to be the biggest UK Christian Rap album release of 2020 so far. The single “No Designer” dropped just before and came with the following music video. Konola’s been doing a lot of filming recently, so expect more music videos from him very soon.

If you like “No Designer” you should also check out Konola’s latest track “Militant March” on Soundcloud.

4. Likemikes – River Dance

Likemikes perfectly combines his melodic flow and sharp lyrics over trap beats to share his life and faith in God. You can’t help but sing along! “All I wanted was a hundred bands. Now I’m steady tryna follow God’s plans. On the run, from my sin, running man. Never tell the right hand ’bout the other hand.”

If you like “River Dance” you should also check out “Solo.”

5. Nick Brewer – Don’t Sleep

Nick Brewer’s been a key player in the UK Christian Rap scene for over a decade. He got signed to Island Records in 2014, went mainstream, and had a UK hit single with “Talk To Me.” It looks like he’s very much back now, though. And what a track to come back with. I think this one exceeded everyone’s expectations!

If you like “Don’t Sleep” then you need to keep an eye out for Nick’s upcoming EP I Woke Up Today.

6. Y Shadey – Officer Don’t Shoot

“Officer Don’t Shoot” is a Y Shadey’s response to the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests – Young Shadey is Still Shadey’s little bro. Make sure you check out the video! And by tomorrow you’ll definitely catch yourself walking around singing, “Officer, Officer, Don’t shoot, Don’t shoot. It’s just a Bible in my bag. It’s just a Bible in my bag.”

If you like “Officer Don’t Shoot” you should also check out “Church Boy” and “On The Low.”

7. TKE3 – Showers From Above

TKE3 (pronounced “Take Three”) dropped his Amen EP in June and “Showers From Above” quickly emerged as a fan favorite. It features plenty of bass and yet feels light and airy – like the cover art. It’s very different from the other nine tracks in this month’s list and yet is still uniquely British with the female vocals reminiscent of the 00s UK garage scene.

If you like “Showers From Above” make sure you listen to the full Amen EP.

8. Abxl x Living Testimony – Salvation

This is another UK gospel drill track – the genre’s popping over here right now. Abxl and LT are an up-and-coming duo putting out positive drill music that is 100% about the Lord Jesus Christ (#realgospeldrill). Make sure you check out the lyric video below from Gospel Hydration’s YouTube channel.

If you like “Salvation” you should check out their debut single “Outreach.”

9. King Jims – More Than Enough

King Jims switched up his sound in 2020, transitioning into more of an emo rap/trap rock artist. It works really well with his deep voice and equally deep lyrics. King Jims works as a full-time evangelist for London City Mission (alongside Cerose, Faith Child, and A Star), so he represents the UK scene through and through.

If you like “More Than Enough” you’ll also love ‘”When I Wake Up.”

10. Reblah – Jesus Riddim

Last, but by no means least, is “Jesus Riddim” by Reblah. The is as “grimey” as a grime track can get, and yet it clearly exalts the name of Jesus. Reblah has been a well-known player in the UK grime and rap scene for over a decade (he used to go by the name Rebler). Nowadays, his focus is on sharing the gospel through his music and supporting the next generation.

If you like “Jesus Riddim” you should also check out “Be Holy.”

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Written by Ben Larcombe

Ben is a guest contributor to and owner of MXRCY - a hub for Christian Rap in the UK. He curates the Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify and is a big supporter of up-and-coming UKCHH artists. When he's not listening to UK Christian Rap, Ben is probably coaching table tennis or running one of his many table tennis businesses.

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