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Rockstar JT Reveals Features and Release for His New EP [Interview]

Rockstar JT Reveals Features and Release for His New EP [Interview]

In a recent interview with Rapzilla, rising Christian rapper Rockstar JT, known for his hit single “Stick” with Duke Deuce on the Reach Records Summer Twenty playlist, revealed a few names of artists that will be featured on his new upcoming EP.

“I’m workin’ with a lot of people and I’m tryin’ to work with an artist out of Chicago. Not gonna reveal his name yet because I don’t want everybody to go crazy. I’m emailin’ the people back and forth and we are tryin’ to get somethin’ in the makin’ with mainstream artists. We got Social Club Misfits on that joint. We got Hulvey on there. A lot of people wanted me to work again with Hulvey, so he’s gonna be on there. A guy named Scootie Wap; he did “Stick” with me. We got PLM they’re on the project, it’s Plug Life Music.”

It is no surprise to fans that Rockstar JT and Hulvey are working on a song together: the two collaborated in 2019 with Jon Keith on the single “New Attitude.” They have always praised each other’s work on social media, supporting each other as fellow artists, and Rockstar JT has called him “the realist friend in his corner he’s had in so long.”

Significant progress has already been made by Rockstar JT on the new EP throughout the year and fans should expect the finished project to drop this fall. He promises listeners that if they bumped “Stick” on their speakers, his new release will be even “hotter than that.”

“It’s literally like 75% done, everything just gettin’ mixin’ everything and people just gotta send their verses back. The Social Club song is done. Therefore, bro, you’ll get the mixtape, the EP, in like late October, early November.”


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