The Road To Restoration Documentary allowed us to see Lecrae through a lens we haven’t seen before. We see him as a dreamer (14-year-old Lecrae), quoting a prophecy of where his life is headed.

“I want to be a rapper, my dream is to be big and strong. I also have dreams of being a family man, a father. But what I really want to be is a businessman. Someone with class, culture, and status ya know.”

We get a rare peek into his home and see Lecrae as a family man and a husband. We also get to meet the Phil Jackson of his legacy, his wife. She played a pivotal role in his life, especially when his life spiraled into depression and extreme anxiety.

” I used to be a creative, who was taking time for the family. Now I’m a family man, fighting to stay creative.”

We are permitted to see the creative process of reverse engineering in raw form. The trip to Stanford University and meshing diverse creatives in one room with one goal was epic. Give the people a tangible experience of hope through dope music, even when it looks like it’s over.

The footage with Lecrae reuniting with his dad shows us vulnerability we didn’t expect to see. The absence of his father has taken a great toll on his life over the years and he openly displays this epic moment of Restoration.

When you have recognized, that for all of your flaws, your faults, and your mistakes. Forgiveness has been afforded you. Restoration has been afforded you. How can you not extend that back out?”

Restoration is a life long process, but you can enjoy the journey.”

We get to see cameos of the unsung heroes who spent countless hours in the studio working on this project. We also get to hear testimonials from some of Lecrae’s close friends. Apparently Lecrae strategically bottled up his emotions of 2018 -2020, leading up to this vigorous process of Restoration. He also depicted his inherited antique Chevy being restored, as a vivid reminder of our life processes metaphorically.

In summary, if this is Lecrae’s final album, which we may be witnessing. We are in for a real treat!