“What’s a good time for a Black Man in America?”

That was the question that Culture Villain KHAM had fans wondering for about two weeks. With the rollout of his highly anticipated single “Botham,” all he did was repeatedly post the same audio snippet; “What’s a good time for a Black Man in America?”

Well he was swift and strong with the answer. There isn’t one. The Black Man is in a constant state of fear and terror due to the racist nature of our nation. Through 400 years of oppression, we still find ourselves not treated as an equal.

Along with convicting lyrics that reveal a dark truth, KHAM dropped a video to the single that brings the message to life. Check out “Botham” below.

The beginning of the video features a freestyle type verse, that expounds upon how we as Black people feel in our everyday life. Right as the verse was wrapping up, the main characters were pulled over. For us, the harsh reality of police brutality is apparent in some lives more than others. It’s still apparent, nonetheless.

Another theme I appreciated was the Black Man’s initiative to protect the Black Women in his life. This is something the black community has struggled with for ages. Situations of sexual assault, racism, and police brutality are not indigenous to the Black Man as they never have been. KHAM has made a clear stance and is now leading the charge to protect every Black woman that needs it.

To finish the video, there were closing vocals featured by none other than Erinn Knight; one of the most profound black minds I have ever heard speak. The pain in her voice as she advocates for the Black Man is not new to our community. We have been suffering under oppression for centuries and prayerfully one day, it will be a good time for a Black Man in America.