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Fellowship during Quarantine: Is it Possible?

Fellowship during Quarantine: Is it Possible?

In the house of God, friendship and community are stressed as a necessity. For example, “No man is an island” or the famous, “It is not good that the man should be alone”[Gen. 2:18] are quotes that are commonplace. Usually, when these phrases and scriptures are said in the church, they are followed by an amen, hallelujah, or clapping. However, given the current climate of the world due to COVID-19, that isn’t the case. Most church services are restricted to parking lots with strict social distancing rules being enforced or are carried out through Livestream. Most churches in fact had to upgrade their means of communication because a reality such as the one we are in wasn’t envisioned.

I mean, why would God enforce the importance of fellowship and brotherhood if one day we were going to be pulled apart from our family in Christ? Is it even possible to stay truly connected during these trying times? I believe that this season is calling us to reconnect with one another in ways that we never deemed necessary or possible.

In the days after Jesus ascended on a cloud, the church found themselves in a period of time where persecution ran rampant, leadership was demanded, but most importantly, the gospel of Christ needed to be shared throughout the madness.[The book of Acts] To be able to preach effectively, disciples immediately delegated the tasks, each spread out and witnessed across the four corners of the earth.

Where we are now

When the virus first hit, I like most Americans, thought that this would be a stint of inconvenience that we would soon find ourselves out of. So, if that meant wearing a mask, staying indoors, and not being able to partake in typical day to day activities, so be it. I mean, this wouldn’t last till summer would it?

But it did. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and now we are in August and most of the country is still on lockdown. We miss our friends, our church homes, and life while having a mask on just feels off. What is the alternative? It’s simple – technology. With just a tap of the finger, we can be in contact with whomever, whenever, and can discuss whatever. This, in my opinion, is the best way to stay in touch with one another safely and securely.

Why this is Important

It’s no coincidence that we are in a season of separation while also in a technological revolution. Literally, social media has become the main vein of communication between people. I can tweet at anyone instantly, tag my friends in a photo on Instagram, and keep up with my distant family on Facebook. Those being the biggest forums of social media today, there is still a plethora of other platforms to digitally connect oneself with others.

While most of us might not be as technologically savvy as our neighbor, this is a great time to master and manage these tools in order to stay in touch with those close to us. Just a few weeks ago, I started partaking in a weekly group Bible study with some fellow believers and I have to say, it is very comforting and assuring.

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What I can do

With that being said, here are some effective things to do so that we may be able to stay on our toes during quarantine.

  • Start a Bible study, support group, or even offer to pray for anyone who needs it. Now more than ever the reality of the Gospel is being revealed to people whether they like it or not. As a result of such, people are searching for answers and they need them fast. Christ told us to let our light shine before men so that they may glorify our Father, and this is how we do so.Why Does Small Group Bible Study Matter?
  • Be that someone for someone. I more than often found myself needing encouragement in what I was doing. I had felt that maybe God hadn’t seen my efforts or that I wasn’t walking in His will for my life. In that moment though, I prayed and reached out to anyone else who felt the same way. I found a group of like-minded believers, and we all uplift one another in times of doubt.
  • Volunteer at your local community center or food drive. For those who are just itching to be back out there, find a food drive or pantry near you, and lend a helping hand while practicing proper CDC guidelines .
  • Don’t be afraid to rest. On the seventh day God rested and even the great prophet Elijah took a break when he was tired [1 Kings 19:5]. Even though the majority of us are indoors under quarantine, that itself can be exhausting. Find a good book to read, thing to cook, or a show to watch that can assure you the relaxation that you might desperately need.

We need to be charged, uplifted and in our word if we are going to advance the kingdom in a time like this. I myself struggled with a lot of the things listed, so I wanted to help you all where I felt helpless. If all else fails, cry out to God for an answer. Existential crises are very real, and even though our identity is found in divinity, sometimes we need to get in touch with that divine source once more. Don’t be afraid to ask your brother or sister in Christ for help and continue to fight the good fight.



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