Dru Bex and Kay Sade are back with another heater! This time over drill!

The new single is called “TENET” and according to Dictionary.com, a tenet is “a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy”; although many of you may be familiar with the upcoming movie of the same name, starring the son of Denzel Washington as the first black lead in a Christopher Nolan movie.

With “TENET,” Bex and Sade trade bars seamlessly over an airy drill beat, self-produced by the duo, that eventually gives way to a booming Jersey Club beat handled entirely by Kay Sade, which is reflective of Sade’s New Jersey roots. The two emcees express the tenets of their faith while engaging in lyrical gymnastics over the course of the song.

Meant to be the final single from their upcoming joint album UFO TOFU, look out for the upcoming video for “TENET” in the very near future.

Listen to Dru Bex & Kay Sade Below: