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Angie Rose Serving on a Bigger Stage in the Bronx

Angie Rose Serving on a Bigger Stage in the Bronx

In episode one of “Community During Chaos,” Angie Rose talked about her experience in the Bronx with her organization Unstoppable Foundation. Her non-profit focuses on providing food and essentials to areas of need, mostly working within Puerto Rico. During the riots after George Floyd’s death, however, Rose and her organization returned to her home in the Bronx.

“We had never seen in New York what we saw in Puerto Rico, and that was the first time I was like ‘Oh my God, this is the same thing’. We have to figure out how to get pallets of food, how to fit them, how to store them, and how to get them in,” Rose said.

Because of their experience, distributing in New York was no issue for Rose, her team, and churches with food pantries.

“I think a lot of times we wait to act when bad things happen, versus just acting, serving, being [there],” Rose explained. “What I saw in this circumstance is because we have committed to being consistently active, we were ready for what came at us.”

The community came out as well. Rose said people of all ages responded to the damage by showing up on the streets to repair the damage.

“One thing I learned in Puerto Rico in great tragedy, you often experience a great resurgence. That is exactly what we saw.”

Despite the similarities, the situation differs because of it taking place in a larger population. This is the Bronx, a part of one of the largest cities in the world. Much bigger than the Caribbean islands Rose and her team served in. Also, Rose said a tragedy like the riots hasn’t happened to the area since the Bronx Burnings in the 1970s. So, overall, the work is the same while the stakes are higher because of such a large community.

“What I see in that is hope, what I see in that is faith, what I see in that is restoration, What I see in that is the ability for me to be a better fisherman of men. We do the things we were always doing, serving the community, giving. Now, we have a greater chance to reach a bigger audience one-on-one.”

Watch Angie Rose Below:

To learn more about the Unstoppable Foundation, click here. To hear more about Angie Rose and her work, go listen to episode one of “Community During Chaos!”


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