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A.I. the Anomaly Celebrates the Growth of Her Marriage with ‘Don’t Fail Me’

A.I. The Anomaly is set to release her new single on God Over Money Friday, August 7th. The new single is an honest and relatable picture of marriage. Listening to it, the idea of how all humans are prone to failure is an idea that all people, married or not, can grasp. The song only clocks in at two minutes, but to A.I. it’s the conversation the song can spark that is the goal.

“I know that the song itself doesn’t go that deep. I wanted people to be able to vibe to it, but I wanted the conversation surrounding it to be the important thing.”

Celebrating 10 years of marriage on the day this single drops is a big thing. This track was an opportunity for her to reflect on growth and how marriage was a huge catalyst for that.

A.I. the Anomaly

“It was never in my mind to be married,” he explains. “Growing up I was born to a woman who abused drugs and she lost her life to it. I was three years old when that happened. I grew up with an amazing foster mother who adopted me, my sister, and my brother. She didn’t have a male in the household so we didn’t have that perspective in the household growing up. The way that I looked at men was based on what I heard in music, or what I saw in my neighborhood which wasn’t the best depictions of relationships.”

She continued, “So when I got married I didn’t realize that the issues that stem from trauma really blocked a lot of growth within my marriage. My husband comes from a family where he still has his mom and dad, who have been married since he was conceived. He comes from that understanding, I don’t. It was interesting to try and grow within our marriage. I had bad communication skills as far as communicating my feelings. I dealt with a lot, so marriage was like a mirror, a reflection where I was able to see myself and say, ‘oh shoot I got some issues I’ve got to tackle so that I can grow’. My desire was for me and my husband to grow and develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. I didn’t want anything to get in the way so I had to submit myself to Christ in a new way.”

“Marriage has really helped me grow. Not only us growing, but me as an individual. It’s helped me become a better mother, a better businesswoman, it’s helped me to focus on the issues I’ve been holding on to. The fear of vulnerability, the fear of abandonment, not mourning my mother – I didn’t know these would be issues in marriage. I was taken advantage of at 16, and I didn’t know that would be a barrier within my marriage, in intimacy which builds with marriage. Over the course of time, I thank God that my husband was very patient, loving, and caring. He helped me get through these things. We’re not perfect but we’re striving towards it.”

A.I. is a deep well who is very enthusiastic and involved in all kinds of art. She is a photographer, filmmaker, designer, collector, and even a curator for Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY.

She says she’s not well versed in it, but she also loves to paint. Also, she hinted at working on a larger project, but she explained how during the shut down she’s had to pivot a lot of plans.

“I mainly wanted this track to drop on our anniversary. I’m not putting this out there to say ‘there’s an album coming right away’. We had some plans. Our 10 year anniversary is special, but with the pandemic, those plans were stomped on. However, I do have a virtual paint party that’s happening on August 29th. This is something I do anyway. Our painting is usually based on a song, and this time will be based on this single. These people who grab a ticket, get a canvas to paint on and we get to paint together. This time it’ll be virtual. It’s usually at a location here in the city, but this time it’s virtual.”


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My wife and I have just celebrated our 10 year anniversary as well, and we too have experienced how we come into a marriage with expectations, but as we lean more into each other, we, therefore, lean more into Christ who then changes what the expectations can be. Sometimes it’s tough, but it’s always great to celebrate the blessings.

A.I. the Anomaly


“The other day I was thinking that the blessing isn’t tangible things. The blessing is that my life is secured through Christ. Look at my family. Looking at my kids and thinking about where I’ve come from…Growing up with low self-esteem and without having biological parents in my life. Not to say that I wasn’t given love, I was adopted. My adoptive mom was a strong person in my life… Now I can turn around and give my children something different. I just feel blessed. I have a loving husband who is super limitlessly supportive and my daughter and son are little torches of fire in my life.”

It’s awesome how a two-minute song can spur such a fulfilling conversation. We who are in Christ are indeed blessed, and as we pray for our loved ones to not fail us, we continue to reach out to and embrace a God who never does.

Listen to A.I. the Anomaly Below:

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