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5 Christian Rap Artists You May Have Not Heard Of [Luc’s Picks – August]

5 Christian Rap Artists You May Have Not Heard Of [Luc’s Picks – August]

Here’s some dope music that’s kept me hopeful and motivated this summer. I’m thankful to each of these Christian rap artists for their style and creative abilities. I really hope you dig this music too.

Vicious Vic

This Nigerian born artist has stood out to me since I first heard him in 2018 with his debut EP Young But Mighty. The sound is clean and well done, and the message is on point. He’s really on that modern tip with the beats, and his flows are pretty tough too. He just dropped his newest EP The Heat ListYou’d better stop sleeping and take a listen!

Weez The Satellite Kiid

I had heard Weez on a few Artificial Christian tracks, but I’m not sure I had dug too deep into him. He dropped Scxttxr Brxxn at the beginning of the year and is set to release a collaboration album with King Cross in the near future. I became acquainted with his new tunes just recently and they’ve blown me away. I apologize for sleeping, and you should too. Here’s his Spotify profile.


SAV stands for Skills and Variety. He’s got a lot of both. I’ve heard him twist over animé samples, and sing melodies with his wife. The visuals are equally as captivating as his performances. He can absolutely spitfire. As part of Flood Society, they’ve all just started to tap into their potential. Check out more from them on Spotify here.


Joshva just decided to hang up the mic after nearly a decade of making music. He is such a hard-working and talented emcee, I thought I should give him some love as he crosses the finish line. He’s really got a dope east-coast style to him. Check out his final album The Last Summer and catch up on all his other music you’ve missed at Spotify.

Kenneth Townsell

Kenny (fka DTS) has been around for a minute. He has been experimenting with his sound for the last few years and I feel like he’s come into his own with his new project dropping this month. The Chicago rapper can sometimes be likened to Kanye. He and producer Isaac Wheadon have great chemistry together and it’s working. Check him out on Spotify here.

Let us know which of these Christian rap artists you are discovering for the first time! Who else is someone we should check out?



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