WHATUPRG has been relatively quiet the last few months but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working! His follow up to Raul is on its way with New Hollywood. The project is dropping on September 25th.

Last year, we wrote about WHATUPRG tragically losing four albums worth of material on hard drives and a laptop. While inside a venue celebrating 1K Phew’s album release, someone broke into his truck and took his stuff.

Back in February, he tweeted that he “found New Hollywood.”

Presumably, RG was at the tail end of these projects that he hinted at back in May 2019 with the following Tweets:


Two Birds One Stone was the collaboration project hinted at by him and 1K Phew. It wound up being two songs maybe thanks in part to losing other songs on it.  

New Hollywood was mentioned in a previous interview to be his first full-length album. The Spanish album could be a teased project with Tommy Royale, while It Gets Better sounds like a follow-up to Raul.

Stay tuned for more!