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‘Donda’ Delayed, Cover Art Released; Kanye West Not Delivering as Promised

New Kanye fans were shocked when the highly-anticipated Donda failed to release at midnight on July 24, 2020, as the artist promised while old Kanye fans half-expected a stunt like this to occur. The world was anxiously refreshing their smartphone screens on the early morning release, waiting for the moment when they would hear the opening for “Stay on Em/Precious,” the first track of the album. However, that moment never came and devoted followers are still ritualistically checking Spotify and Apple Music.

The following day, Kanye West posted the cover art for Donda on Twitter, giving music lovers a glimmer of hope that he still plans to release the album relatively soon. In the least, the artist is making efforts to recognize his work and make up for it by holding the attention of his fans with a sneak peek of the artistry behind his album artwork.

Those who have followed Kanye West during his rap career know that he does not always deliver when he gives his word to his audiences. The entire ordeal with the long-awaited indefinitely halted Yandhi and the recent, Gospel album, Jesus Is King, is a prime example.

Back in 2018, the rapper announced the release of Yandhi on Twitter for September 29 of that year, although that word was never kept. It was two days after the failed release that Kim Kardashian-West tweeted to the world that the date had been changed to Black Friday, assuring that “it is worth the wait.”

Kanye West told his fans via Twitter on November 12 of the artistic epiphany he had, discovering that the project was not complete and needed more time. Essentially, he meant that the project had an indefinite release. Fans were confused, frustrated, and angry. Some were understanding of his desire to put the finishing touches on Yandhi, but the majority response was negative.

As if his situation could not have gotten worse, Kanye chose to perform tracks from the unreleased album at his second Sunday Service church event on January 6, 2019, still not providing the public with any details in regards to the day it would drop. Again, the artist was railed by his followers.

Surprising fans and the world alike, Kim Kardashian-West proclaimed the near-arrival of Jesus Is King, set to release on September 27, 2019. What happened to Yandhi? Many people had that question prominently set in their minds as they received this sudden change of direction for the artist. Adding further confusion, Kanye uploaded ringtones of tracks from Yandhi to iTunes without delivering the entire project.

Finally, the date for Jesus Is King was once again changed, this time to October 25, 2019, coinciding with the IMAX premiere of the album’s film bearing the same name. Although his work did not release exactly at midnight, it did reveal itself to the world on the day it was promised, arguably a miracle greater than Kanye’s conversion to Christianity.

Curveball after curveball has been thrown toward anyone who has followed Kanye West for any length of time in regards to the release of his music, specifically of Yandhi (still kept quiet) and Jesus Is King. New Kanye fans may be dismayed by the artist’s failure to drop Donda, but the situation is only all-too-familiar for Old Kanye fans. In the least, the world has cover art for the new album and a thread of hope that the newly-converted rapper will deliver on his promises.

Micah Marshall

Written by Micah Marshall

Micah Marshall is a writer from Knoxville, Tennessee that is passionate about hip-hop, Christianity, literature and theater. He is seeking a bachelor's degree in English at The University of Tennessee Knoxville, holding an Associate of the Arts from Pellissippi State Community College. When he’s not writing for Rapzilla, you can find him reading C.S. Lewis, frequenting local coffee shops and hiking trails near the Great Smoky Mountains.

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