Home Music Davis Absolute Announces Name Change & Drops Single ’22’

Davis Absolute Announces Name Change & Drops Single ’22’

Davis Absolute Announces Name Change & Drops Single ’22’

Davis Absolute has been quiet over the last year. Well, now he’s back he’s changed his name to FLF (Flood Light Forever).

“I stepped away for a while to focus on my family and really refocus around my purpose and reason for making music,” he said. “I had a sobering realization that I had somewhat lost my first love like the church at Ephesus (Revelation 2) and had to really reposition my thinking and ministry around this message.”

He continued, “I’ve rebranded to FLF, which stands for Flood Light Forever and my heart is on fire once again for the Lord in a new way.”

“22” is a song about transparency, honesty, and the absolute truth that Christ pulled me from the darkness by my reluctant hands back into His grace. I feel the core of why we rebel against God is not because we feel that He is unjust or unworthy of our praise, adoration, and commitment, but because we find ourselves in a feeling of inadequacy more often than not. How can we, with our baggage and sin, come face to face with the Father in repentance?

The beautiful thing is that He sent His Son to give us that access. Through His Son Jesus, we have access to the Father and receive His grace as He looks upon us as His children. I still learn so much every day, but at 22 is when it all hit home.

Listen to FLF Below:

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