Outsiders Brand Co. announces the new musical compilation and clothing collection “Faith Without Walls” vol. 1. Emerging from the trenches of gospel outreach within a gang and drug-infested regions nationally and globally, Outsiders Brand takes a quick reprieve from their typical activities to create a CHH soundtrack for their movement.

After 10 years of outreach and working hands-on with music ministries like God Over Money, Hog Mob, Kingdom Muzic, NFTRY, and more, this Christian Lifestyle Brand drops their premiere music compilation entitled, “Faith Without Walls” vol.1 in order to champion cooperative fellowship and ministry within the CHH community.

“I’m inspired by the Azusa street revival, and how people from all socioeconomic, ethnic, and diverse theological backgrounds initially didn’t let their differences stop them from seeking God together.” – Vince Serrano C.E.O. of Outsiders Brand Co.

The Musical Compilation has 12 tracks and 12 music videos. It is set to release on July 10, 2020. It features original and exclusive music by Datin, The Rep, Reconcile, H.U.R.T., Jered Sanders, NFTRY, Phil The Voice, Miles Minnick, Kamban, and many more! From veteran CHH artists to brand new freshmen, this compilation is a loaded clip of talent. Full tracklist and as well as some music videos will be released in the coming weeks.

About Outsiders Brand

Outsiders Brand Co is an urban apparel company and Christian lifestyle brand that remains missional in all of its activities. It was founded by Vince Serrano who has collaborated in clothing and ministry efforts with such artists and record labels as 1k Phew, Bizzle, Datin, The Rep, Reconcile, G.O.M., Reach Records, Kingdom Muzic, Vine Style Records, Rize and Shine Media, Infantry, The Tunnel Rats and many others. It’s their goal to live out a lifestyle of love and gospel mission inside and outside the four walls of the church house.