Sad People Make Dope Music 2 by Mogli the Iceburg is a blend of metal and rap with lyrics filled with emotions that speak to real-life matters like relationships, friendships, and more. Letting his listeners in, Mogli doesn’t hold back on this project; you can truly hear every drop of excitement, sadness, happiness, and love that he poured into the music.

“At first I was really torn about whether or not it would be appropriate to put out an album with everything going on in the country and the world right now, but ultimately I had to reconcile that this is what I do. If I can put something good into the world during such a time of anxiety, uncertainty, and despair, what else should I be doing? If anything in this album brings someone peace or comfort, it’s worth it.”

From “Distance” that speaks to the internal battle of holding onto a friendship to “Coming Back 2 U” that will pull at your heartstrings as you listen to lyrics about lost love – SPMDM2 will open you up to a passionate musical course like no other.

Listen to Mogli the Iceburg below:

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