The same week that George Floyd was murdered, LaToria, A Dallas, TX native and Hip Hop artist, released a song entitled “Becoming.” The original intent was to celebrate the small victories along the way to achieving your ultimate goal. However, in light of the current events that have taken place and the overwhelming toll that it is taking on the psyche of African Americans, in particular, she felt led to switch it up and instead ask the question…”Who Am I Becoming?”

So for the next several days, she is hosting a series of conversations to reflect on how all of the trauma from recent events is affecting African Americans as well as examining who we are becoming and how to respond to that reality.

This week Tuesday through Thursday (6/9 – 6/11)will be focused on black women and the following week (6/16 – 6/18) will be focused on black men. Tune in and stream the new single “Becoming” by LaToria.

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Just a black woman processing out loud🤷🏾‍♀️

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