YP aka Young Paul dropped a quick mixtape he put together during quarantine for his core supporters. Called Mixtape Give me A Minute Vol. 2, it contains freestyles that are minute to a minute and a half long with some classic interludes from some of your favorite preachers. Conveying the gospel in 60 seconds.


1. Intro Skit
2. Hold Up (prod. by Tae Lamar)
3. Take Bar Notes (prod. Tae Lamar)
4. Ozark (prod. By Tae Lamar
5. Spit Wit Grits (prod. by Tae Lamar)
6. Feel It (prod. By Tae Lamar)
7. Cry Wit Lyrics (prod. Tae Lamar)
8. Wait A Minute (prod. By Tae Lamar)
9. You Can Run (prod. By. Tae Lamar)
10. Outro Skit

Listen to YP aka Young Paul Below:

“You Can Run” features clips of Ahmaud Arbery running, emphasizing an opposition towards racism.

“Ahmaud and anyone for that matter can run and should be able to run without worrying about getting killed over the color of our skin. The gist of this video is letting people know we are in the midst of a spiritual battle. You can’t run from your problems because eventually, everything catches up to us no matter how far we think we can run,” YP says. “I point out the spiritual wickedness we face in higher places with a clip from Adolf Hitler manipulating his followers. This record also points out the battle we face daily with our natural inclinations to sin. Also, highlighting the consequences that come with gang culture…”

Watch below: