The Christian rapper formerly known as FriiStyle Gahspol, like many other music artists, has felt the economic sting of shut-downs and canceled events amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he has been determined to still put his lyrical talents to creative use, setting the official world record for “Longest Alliteration” on May 17th, 2020, with a poem titled “The Epic Poem: Mastermind.”

The official world record was entered into the Record Holders Republic- Registry of Official World Records (RHR) database by Dr. David R. Adamovich, the U.S. branch president of RHR. In an early Sunday morning voicemail received by Elliott (Frii), Dr. Adamovich stated, “…I’m looking over your [manuscript] and I find it very impressive…”

RHR also recognizes world records appearing in other reputable databases such as Guinness World Records. “The Epic Poem: Mastermind” is a single alliteration, comprised of 340 alliterative words; akin to those tongue twisters we all grew up saying, but on steroids and with much deeper meaning. Frii hopes the written work encourages youth to fall in love with reading again.

“The Epic Poem: Mastermind” is just book one of a series of alliterative poetry books Elliott intends to author. The first publication is slated to release June 19th, 2020.

He adds, “Being stuck inside has pushed my creativity…I’ve created so much while things have been paused…” He plans to reintroduce himself to the world in his forthcoming single titled “Finally” Frii, produced by Track Major Productions, releasing June 2020.

Listen to the song by The Real Frii Below: