Christian rap legend and pioneer T-Bone will be kicking it back to the early days of CHH with a weekly series on Instagram Live that he’s calling House Arrest. In these live interview segments, Boney Soprano will be featuring key figures throughout Christian rap’s history for interview segments.


He told Rapzilla, “It’s my way of giving back and helping out the artists I came up with. Many of these artists haven’t dropped a record in 20 years or more, and I want to shed light on their impact.”

T-Bone will be doing the first one on May 11th at 5 p.m. PST. His special guest will be Soup the Chemist from one of CHH’s most popular early groups, SFC (Souls for Christ).

On Friday, May 15th, he will be hosting Christian rap’s first signed female, M.C. GeGee, sister of the late Danny D-boy Rodriguez.

The “Lyrical Assasin” told Rapzilla that he has plans to connect with Michael Peace, Stephen Wiley, Fred Lynch, and more all along the way.

T-Bone recently “retired” from rap and is now exclusively doing Latin Pop/Gospel. He dropped his final rap album Broken English in the first quarter of 2018. It had been 13-years since 2005’s Bone-a-Fide.

In this last decade or so, the O.G. has been leaving his mark outside of Christian rap with roles in moves, hosting, entertaining, and being an influencer. He has also has risen to prominence as a Latin artist.

It’ll be nice to see him return to his Christian hip-hop roots and chop it up with the heroes of the past as they explain how we got here.

Tune in live on his Instagram here.