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Rhyan LaMarr

Let’s kick this off with Rhyan LaMarr’s epic single and music video for “Relief.” The track features nobigdyl., John Givez, Byron Juane, Kris Noel, Canon, and Jack Red. For those who don’t know, Rhyan is the filmmaker responsible for “Canal Street” and “Better Dayz” starring 1K Phew. Rhyan is now doing music and has an album called aPERFECTmess coming on May 29th. Check out the interview we did with him on Instagram & YouTube.

Culture Villains Interview

We recently sat down with the Culture Villains – CZAR Josh and KHAM, and spoke about everything they got going on. These two are the future of CHH. Part one is up on YouTube and part two will be dropping tomorrow.

Parris Chariz & Nelo

We have a Q&A up with Parris Chariz and his new artist to World45, Nelo. Nelo dropped his debut project Riptide and released a music video with Parris called “Black Rain.” Check out the article to see what these two artists have in store.

15 Albums that Turn 10

Let’s take a look back to 10 years ago with 15 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 10 in 2020. There’s a bunch of great ones on this list. Here’s a few: Entermission by the late DJ Official, Lecraewith Rehab, and Trip Lee with Between Two Worlds. Which of these records were you listening to?

Pornhub Sex Trafficking

This last story is very serious. I recently did an interview with Laila Mickelwait of the organization Exodus Cry. They are working to shut down Pornhub due to sex trafficking, pedophilia, rape, and exploitation running rampant on their site. Laila has created a petition that is almost at one million signatures. The U.S. and Canadian governments are beginning to get involved.
What does this have to do with CHH? About 10 years ago Rapzilla release Stop the Traffic, a compilation of CHH’s best artists coming together to create songs with all the money going to sex trafficked victims. The next year, we did it again. We have also worked with Renaissance Music Group to bring awareness to their Safe Houses in South Africa.
Together in this community and with CHH working together, we can help bring awareness and do good. So check out the article on the site for in-depth stats and stories of to what’s happening, sign the petition, and share.


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