Christian rap artist, Vine Style Records owner, and Assembly of God senior pastor, Phil The Voice drops a powerful song to heighten awareness of boys caught in the trap of human trafficking. Thought mostly to be a female issue, statistics prove otherwise

· 1.2 Million children are trafficked annually. -International Labor Association
· 27% of all globally trafficked victims are children, and of those, one in three victims are boys. -APA Journal April 2017, Vol 48, No. 4
· Based on the above-mentioned stats, roughly 1,100 boys are trafficked EVERY DAY worldwide!
Phil The Voice’s song powerfully depicts the plight of these young boys and boldly speaks as a voice for these voiceless victims.

“Going through abuse myself, as a child, (in the church at that), I kept it a secret until my twenties out of fear of judgment. Men tend to receive stigma and dismissal when they share their similar stories. As a result, their voices are not being widely heard. My song gives a voice to these boys.” – Phil The Voice

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